What’s up with me?

Pregnancy has made me really lethargic or something! Still not done with 1 diaper! It’s ridiculous! I think I just need to get rid of my excess fabric. Just sell it right off and get rid of scraps. I really want to try some new fabrics. Hemp fleece, Organic Bamboo Velour, cotton knits. Stuff like that.

I found a really promising website: www.ecotextiles.com where they different kinds of hemp fabric with no minimums. I sent them an email wanting more info. I would probably just try a yard of each of the fabrics I want to try out before making bigger orders.

I did, however, get some basil plants and received my other 2 massive stuffed animals. Jackalope decided that he was going to send a giant stuffed animal for every month he’s in Iraq.. Well, he’s only been there a month, and I have 3 now: a panda, a tiger, and a giraffe. They are so super cute though! I wonder if he’s really going to be getting one every month.. There’s only so much room in here!

I’m really hoping my sewing machine accessories and the baby’s Rock Star Baby playard gets here Monday. I really hope those sewing accessories get here, those things are expensive if I tried to get them “new” here!

I really hope I start making a diaper stash soon! I’m getting really tempted to just buy some cloth diapers, but the prices are ridiculous for me. Plus I would need at least 24-36 diapers to start off with. I really don’t mind washing daily or every other day. I’m also planning on making some nursing covers, nursing pads (maybe), cloth pads, cloth wipes, some maternity hospital gowns, cute scrubs, baby carriers, diaper bags, and a shopping cart cover.

-sigh- So much too do and only 4 months left!


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