Freecycle score!

I posted free pillows, diaper and formula coupons, and pregnancy and kids books (I narrowed down what I need at this point and passing them on to someone in need), and I scored a free dehydrator, bottle warmer, and mint!

I’m mostly excited about the dehydrator. Even though it’s an older model (Ronco 187), there’s so much you can do with them apparently! Basic uses are dehydrating fruits and vegetables, making beef jerky, and fruit roll-ups, but I had no idea I could proof bread and make yogurt with one! I can also make granola and dry herbs for tea!

I’m going to test run it tomorrow. If I actually do start using it on a regular basis, I’m going to save up for an upgrade for the fall. I’m looking at Excalibur’s food dehydrator. I had seen them before, but didn’t know the manufacturer was up in Sacramento! They have some pretty good specials too. I like the vegan/raw food special that comes with the teflex sheets for fruit jerky. Those are also pretty handy for liquidy foods and if I wanted to make croutons or bread crumbs.

Anyway, I also got blood drawn today and yet another urine sample. I’m wondering if I’m anemic. I have this horrible bruise on the side of my thigh that I got a while ago.. maybe just a few days ago.. from bumping into the printer table, and it’s just barely going away. I also scratched a scab from my leg and that bled a bit much. I can’t tell if I bruised myself from just scratching either.. I’m sure I’m okay.. but pregnancy is so weird.


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