What bothers me about WordPress

So far, it’s the fact that the window in which to post is very tiny! I just posted a photo heavy blog, and it was really hard to resize the pictures and really hard to see where the pictures where being posted on the blog (I had to bring one down from the top of the blog).

Anyway, I got plants yesterday. I needed them. A kalamansi tree(which I’m probably going to leave with my mom), lemon verbena, chocolate mint, pineapple mint, and I scored some free mint (although it’s a little ragged) off freecycle. I’m going to be replanting all of them today.

I also went to the local pet store here, and put some items on consignment. Hope they do well! I gave them 3 pouch and wonton sets, a pocket hammock, and a large hammock. If they do well, I’m going to probably upgrade to grommets for the hammocks. That should be fun!



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