Haven’t been on for a while

Yeah, I’ve been a little busy lately.

I’m going to be taking more pictures soon and I’m thinking about getting a couple maternity pictures done. I might as well.

So, I did end up getting a new bunny. An English angora. He’s totally cute and I love brushing him. He’s getting used to it, sort of haha

I went to my brother’s house this past weekend, it was fun and relaxing. Got to spend time with my niece. I made my sister in law a couple burp cloths and receiving blankets and she really liked them. I’m going to be making her more stuff, since she is in fact going to have a baby shower. I don’t know why she wouldn’t. She had a girl first and is now having a boy, so she can’t exactly hand down anything.

This little Jack Rabbit’s been kicking me everywhere and sometimes it hurts! What’s going on in there little Jackus?! Is there no more rooms? It’s cool though. It’s like my body releases endorphins every time he kicks, so when it does hurt, I feel all happy haha

I’m still going to be making cloth diapers. I’m finally going to get myself some diaper making fabric this coming month. I’m going to make 48, so after I get the fabric, I’m going to commit to making 1 or 2 each day. Plus, I’m going to need some wet bags, boppy pillow covers, bibs, burp cloths, toys, more booties for gifts and for myself, a hospital gown and bag, nursing covers, and a couple diaper bags, so it’ll be 3-4 projects a day or 10/week. I’ll be done in possibly less than a month that way and I’ll have time to rest before the baby is born. 

What’s kind of scary is that I have a new found love for designer baby clothes.. I really need to watch it. I just joined a forum and there are people who budget $600 (for 2 kids) or more for a sale. They also had an article about a lady who would spend thousands a month on clothes. I spent like $20 at Crazy 8 for 5 pieces, $5 at Old Navy for a sweater, $10 at Babies R Us for a couple rompers, $2 at Ross for a onesie, $10 at Marshall’s for a 2 onesie/1 pants set, $3 at Walmart for a cute little onesie, $30 for a whole bag of baby clothes that I sorted through and I’m going to sell the rest, and a whopping $100 and 30 something at Carter’s Outlet I had a coupon, but I didn’t just buy clothes, I got washcloths, hooded towels, socks, hats, burp cloths, and blankets.

Don’t worry, I don’t just have clothes haha. I got things like a bouncer, books, etc, and I did get fabric to make into things. I do need to get more things soon… Like a car seat. I’ve been thinking about one of those for a while now. I really want to get this one stroller though haha. It’s expensive but I would be using it up until he weighs 55lbs. I might save up for it anyway. This is my first baby, and I could certainly use it when I have another one.

-happy sigh- We’re having a baby Jackalope.


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