I think I’m going to head back to El Paso in February. That’s in like 5 months, which should give us enough time to pay off my bills, which Jackalope said he wanted to pay off first.

I’m thinking about getting furniture and stuff for the house from IKEA before I head back. I can just pack it along with the other stuff. It would all pack flat. We’ll see though. I know we’re going to need couches and kitchen stuff, and possibly a washer and dryer.

I hope it all works out.


Farmer’s Market score

I got:
apples, peaches, nectarines, walnuts, grapes, purple potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin bread, dutch chocolate zucchini bread, spinach bread, pita bread, hummus, 2 eggplant pestos (babaganoush? (I was supposed to get yogurt sauce… but whatever it’s all delicious), and a bag of kettle corn.

I also picked up some seeds for winter planting: fenugreek, swiss chard, and mesclun seeds. I also have some radish seeds that I plan to plant as well.

Getting ready

I just ordered a good amount of Chinese prefold diapers that are totally brand new. I’m really excited about those since it’ll be a start. I plan to sell the extras since there’s like 96 diapers! I’m only going to need half or less. I’m also ordering some PUL to make some diaper covers and wet bags, Snappis to close the diapers with, 4 things of Charlie’s Soap (80 loads each and all natural), a diaper sprayer, and I also got Organic Bamboo Velour, bamboo fleece, and a yard of Michael Miller’s Mint Chocolate Zoo. Since they’re just diapers for my own baby, I’m going to stick with just the white snaps I have. I might get some snaps with skulls or dragons on them though.

Yay for diapers!


Scored a free bassinet and clothes (If I don’t need the bassinet, it was free, so I can just give it to a needy family or something), a prenatal listener for $5 (so Jackalope can hear little Jackalope’s heartbeat over the phone, plus the lady that sold it to me is a doula! I need to talk to her!), playard sheet for $11.99 (usually $15.99), a pregnancy wedge for $11.99 (They actually charged me $15.99 at first, but I saw an $11.99 sticker when I got in my car and took it back in, it’s so comfortable!!! Why didn’t I get one before?! They’re usually $19.99), and a Diaper Dekor diaper pail for $6.99 (These puppies are usually $29.95!).

I did also pick up a Prince Lionheart Ultimate Drying Rack and some Gerber cloth diapers. I’m going to return the cloth diapers though since I heard they were not very good.