No such luck..

Lots of kicking and movement inside the belly.. but the contractions are getting closer together, not very consistent still..

I found out that I qualified for the full amount for FAFSA. Just had it tranferred to EPCC. I also received a free(!!!) Ameda breastpump. Perfect. I can afford to go to school, childcare, books, and possibly a new computer and printer for school. My only worry: the move back.

I did plan on getting 2 more English angoras to start a herd, but I think I’m only going to just get 1 buck after all. There’s a breeder in Roswell if I want to get another doe. I was mostly worried about room. So 2 rabbits and a baby.. I hope I can have the baby in the cab.. I am not going to fly myself and the baby to El Paso, pay for the truck, trailer, and gas, and then fly my dad back home.

Thank god the pump came with a car adapter!! I’ll just need a cooler if need be. Other than that, just pump, and give the baby a bottle. It’ll only be for a couple days.

I guess it won’t be that bad after all.. Just need to find a place to live.


Getting really impatient

Forget it, his name is Jack Mathias White haha

but he’s still not here yet.. Probably going to be a while longer.. -sigh- it’s cool though.

I really hope we end up at Fort Lewis. I think it would be a great place for Jack to grow up if we end up staying there. I’m not sure if we have a choice in how long we would stay though. I’m already making a plan. Like if we go there, I know which school I want to go to at least.

I’m going to try and go to EPCC for a semester just to brush up on my math. The only thing is that, I’m going to have to be there by January, so by the time he gets back, I’ll be almost done with the class. That probably won’t happen, but it’s worth a try really. I did horribly before, but I only have more of a reason to get back and do better. I really hope I make it.

Almost time

I will not be induced. Too many risks for me to really even consider it afterall.

On Monday, I was 3cm and 50% effacement. Tuesday, I was still at 3cm and 70-85% effacement.  Contractions are pretty strong at night, so he’s going to be a night baby I think.

We finally have a name, but I’m not going to say anything until he’s born.

He’s almost here.

I’m so lucky right now..

because if I had been working and needed to, I would have been in serious financial trouble.

America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and they have the worst maternity leave ever.
I just read this blog here and yeah. I would rather live in Germany or basically anywhere else.

How can other countries afford things like this? haha


As of yesterday, I am 2 cm dialated. Which means he can come any day now really. Could be days, could be weeks. Sometimes I want him to just stay in there, but at the same time, I want him out haha It’s getting pretty crazy in there and the cervical exam wasn’t the greatest experience.

Oh and we were given a crib. It was pretty awesome, but it was recalled because a bunch of babies got hurt.. and we’re also missing 2 bolts… so hopefully I can call tomorrow about the missing parts and they won’t hassle me.

It does mean that we’re getting a brand new crib though, so I’m really excited about that!

PAID OFF T-MOBILE! That was so awesome. I also made a big payment to Citibank and called up Bank of America. Just need to call Target and NMSU, and we’ll be well on our way to being debt free.

The hard part is saving up for next month when Jackalope gets here, and budgeting for the Jack Rabbit and all of that. Hopefully, I am able to breastfeed. I think I’ll be alright though. Diapers are probably going to be the main problem. I’m doing both cloth and disposables until I run out of disposibles or something. I know that their first poops are kind of gross, so definitely disposables first.

I also want to be able to move back to El Paso after New Year’s so we can have a home for Jackalope when he gets back. No having to come get me and having to load up the truck and driving for a couple days and then having to live with someone or, god forbid, the barracks until we can find a place. HELL NO!

So we’re going to need furniture, and dinnerware, and cookware, and since the baby is going to have his own room, we’re going to need to get him his own furniture. We already have tvs, computers, etc, and we’re going to need appliances, like a toaster, probably a fridge, oven, dishwasher, washer/dryer etc… We were supposed to have a fridge.. but my mom took it back ;_; Which is kind of messed up. I’ll make her feel bad when I leave and say we’re probably not going to have a fridge for a while because we don’t have the money for that. haha Well, that’s messed up too.. I won’t really do that.

I still plan on getting the grain mill. I think it’ll be a good investment. With me not working until he gets back most likely, or even while he is gone, it’ll save a lot of money, especially since it’ll just be me and the Jackus. I can grind enough flour for small loaves of bread and make small amounts of pasta, or just make a bunch of pasta, bake cakes and cookies from the flour I grind. 1 cup of wheat berries apparently comes out to 1.5 cups flour, so the yield is not bad at all.

I also still want to get a couple solar ovens to cook with instead of relying on the stove and oven. There’s a hybrid one that uses very little electricity and can also reach 400 degrees F. Not bad for a tiny oven. That’ll save big time on gas and electricity for cooking and baking.

I’m planning on getting myself a bike and a bike trailer for the little one. I’m going to need a bike with a front load, so I can hitch Jack behind me. There are many stores close by in the northeast of El Paso, so that’s my reasoning for getting it. Plus it’ll be great exercise and the baby will get fresh air.

I know I’m thinking too far ahead at this point haha, but it’s fun dreaming about the possibilities of the future.

I can’t wait for Jackalope to come home.