No such luck..

Lots of kicking and movement inside the belly.. but the contractions are getting closer together, not very consistent still..

I found out that I qualified for the full amount for FAFSA. Just had it tranferred to EPCC. I also received a free(!!!) Ameda breastpump. Perfect. I can afford to go to school, childcare, books, and possibly a new computer and printer for school. My only worry: the move back.

I did plan on getting 2 more English angoras to start a herd, but I think I’m only going to just get 1 buck after all. There’s a breeder in Roswell if I want to get another doe. I was mostly worried about room. So 2 rabbits and a baby.. I hope I can have the baby in the cab.. I am not going to fly myself and the baby to El Paso, pay for the truck, trailer, and gas, and then fly my dad back home.

Thank god the pump came with a car adapter!! I’ll just need a cooler if need be. Other than that, just pump, and give the baby a bottle. It’ll only be for a couple days.

I guess it won’t be that bad after all.. Just need to find a place to live.


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