Been a long time

Jack Mathias White was born October 1, 2009 at 9:21 pm. He weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and took to breastfeeding right away. He’s now 10 weeks old and weighs around 13 lbs and 6 oz!

I had to get mad at the daddylope the other day. He keeps spending money on Amazon, and a lot at the PX over there everyday! We have no money in the bank and I’m supposed to leave in March/April. Well, the original plan was next month.. but I knew that this was going to happen. So, I’m taking over the bank account from now on.

I’m also planning on making this family more green. Going to be sewing, knitting, and crochetting more. Going to try not to buy anything we just don’t need. Going to trade more, and start really collecting more wool from the bunny to spin. This first batch from her is going to be trade for merino wool, which is perfect. I still need a spindle though.. ugh!

I also still want a grain mill and a solar over to save on electricity and food. Grain mills are just so expensive… Maybe I should sell my snap press, but I still need it.. it’s just not being put to use.. Well, I did sell one of the tvs for $150.. my mom “borrowed” $25 and decided to get a christmas present from me to my dad with it… Then I had to get diapers and soymilk, then I bought some stuff from Joann’s.. I’m going to have to return the stuff from Jo-ann’s. I also bought a Mei Tai for me and Jack. That’s all for Christmas. I’m going to make cloth diapers and trainers with whatever I have here.

That’s really all we need to start doing: use what we have now. There’s no need for new stuff until he gets back. I only pay my parents $200 a month here for “rent and utilities.” I’ve caught up mostly with my bills. I don’t need to spend much on much of anything. I have ebooks, the internet, lots of crafts, a Nintendo DSi, and of course the baby to keep me busy.

Hopefully the rest of this month and next month we’ll be able to save more easily.


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